Relax. Recharge. Reset.

What’s the best you’ve ever felt?

Reset Button exists to get you back to that.

In stunning locations around Europe - you just relax, let our experts do the hard work.

  • Enjoy a fully detoxifying yet delicious menu.
  • A comprehensive mindfulness course taught by a Mindfulness Therapist.
  • Gentle exercise, classes and hikes in the beautiful countryside.
  • One on one consultations with a Nutritionist.
  • Massage
  • Talks and activities including the unique Happiness Workshop.

Reset Button experts will examine every part of your life.

You’ll learn how food is effecting you from the inside out.

How your thoughts impact everything you do.

It is not a boot camp. Not a raw food, juice only, rabbit food retreat. No getting up at 5am or unwanted enforced activities.

We teach methods to improve wellbeing that are implementable in normal daily routine.

No crazy fad anything.

Just real tangible ways to make you feel better every day for the rest of your life, not just at the retreat.

It’s possible you may leave feeling better than you ever have.

Ready to Reset?

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It seriously changed my life...
— Health Editor, Woman's Health Magazine
Star Spa 2016
— Metro
The Reset Button Experts include Nutritional Therapists, Mindfulness Therapists, Yoga and Fitness Instructors, Masseurs and Professional Chefs - the kind of team you wish you had on speed dial all the time
— Cheryl Slater, Soul Seed Media
Barcelona Retreat


Delicious detoxifying menus prepared daily by our gourmet chef means that even though you’re cutting out sugar, wheat, dairy, red meat, processed foods, caffeine and alcohol, you won’t miss them at all and you’ll be amazed at how incredible it will make you feel! Our open kitchen means you can learn from the chef as meals are prepared.

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In the mountains north of Barcelona, away from it all, learn and practice the art of mindful meditation, led by a professional Mindfulness Pyschotherapist. Enjoy a therapeutic massage in the outdoors. Lie by the pool, read a book, or simply take a stroll through the stunning countryside.



Whatever your goals may be: to be more relaxed, get fitter or improve your work/life balance, you’ll leave brimming with ideas and plans on how to achieve them. The ongoing support from our Expert team after you have left will ensure you remain motivated and keep you on track long after you return to your regular life.