Do you find yourself caught up in worries about what might happen? Do you spend time going over what has happened in the past?

Are you constantly focussing on your to-do list, or rehearsing conversations and situations in your mind?

Do you struggle with feelings of stress and anxiety or sadness? 

You are not alone. Many of us have a hard time concentrating or often feel like we are drowning under negative thoughts.

The past no longer exists. The future is only a fantasy until it happens. The one moment we can actually experience - the present moment - is the one we seem to avoid. By not living in the 'now' we're letting large parts of our lives slip by unnoticed.

This course will train your mind to be more present focused, let go of the past and leave the future to unfold, bringing you a new sense of calm and wellbeing.


Take a moment now to think about what you want to achieve.

What are your main objectives?

Do you want to:

  • decrease your stress
  • decrease your anxiety
  • improve your mood
  • improve your relationships
  • improve your focus and concentration
  • deal better with a health or pain issue
  • increase your energy
  • feel like you have more time
  • deal better with negative thinking
  • improve your creativity


Here is a free guided exercise for you to try. You don't need any experience, just a quiet space and seven minutes to invest in your own wellbeing.


You will be guided through this course by Rachel, founder of Reset Button, and Jess, Mindfulness Therapist and professional Psychotherapist.

First of all, congratulations on taking an important step towards achieving the calm and happy life we all dream of.

This course will teach you methods to help  cope with thoughts and feelings that are stopping you from being the happiest and healthiest person you can be.


Do you ever find yourself in middle of a conversation when you realise you've not heard any of what the other person has said?

Or you go to a room to get something but when you get there you have forgotten what it was you went to get?

Have you read a chapter of a book only to find none of it sank in?

These are typical examples of what happens when were are being mindless.

We often struggle to pay attention to what we are doing at any moment because we are caught up in what happened in the past or will happen in the future.



By deciding to take part in this course you will be making the first step in taking control of your destiny. There are millions of people living on auto-pilot every day, constantly stressed and worrying about their past and their future. Only a few are courageous enough to seek answers and take action.

By learning and practising mindfulness on this course, you will have chosen to make a difference in your life.


Please watch this introductory video (1 minute):


Jess and Rachel talk through some of the most frequently asked questions.