Reset Button




The expansive 8-room renovated 14th century farmhouse is close to a perfect antidote to urban chaos, sitting quietly in the clean air of the Pyrenees with no neighbours to be seen for miles. Guests looking to escape the clutter and distractions of everyday living will appreciate the friendly relaxed feel created by the dream wellness team during the one week holistic retreat program.

With a staff to guest ratio of almost 1 to 1, guests are gently guided through a powerful personalised Reset program which reboots the body and mind via four key pillars: Pause - how to relax, Switch Off - how to sleep, Nourish – what and how to consume and Activate - how to motivate your body and mind in a positive way. 



Be prepared to have some revelations during your stay. A lock of hair is requested pre-retreat for lab analysis. On arrival the team know mineral and vitamin deficiencies, food intolerances, ph level, body hydration and organ energy imbalance. The program created for each guest includes an individualised menu according to unique nutritional needs. 

Health is serious business, though the air stays lighthearted. Laughter echoes through the farmhouse as friendships are formed and stories recounted over dinner.

The health-conscious chef serves up meal after meal of delightful mouth watering dishes, so delicious it’s difficult to believe it’s detoxifying your body. No-one goes hungry here; while gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods are off the menu, good carbs and lean meat and fish are firmly on it. All requirements are catered for, vegans and omnivores alike. Suffering without the caffeine? No frets. The chef will quickly whip a matcha latte for you. 


Switch Off

Sleep is one of the least considered elements of our health, even though we spend nearly a third of our life doing it.

If sleep has been overlooked or neglected, the team is here to teach how to eat to sleep better, what to do to switch off, and how to wake up. 

The proof is in guest’s eyes, a couple of days into retreat, waking up full of energy after a sound night’s sleep and seeing whites whiter than they’ve ever been.

Pair this with the latest mindfulness tricks taught by the on-site psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher – and every guest is fully equipped to ease back into the 9 to 5 still tapped into the zen.




It’s far from hard work. Three or four activities are scheduled each day, although not even the laziest oaf can call massage an activity.

Every spare hour (and there are plenty) can be spent reading by the pool, mindfully wandering through the local woodland or just soaking up some vitamin D.


Typical Schedule

Reset Button is an all inclusive holistic wellness retreat. Prices start at £1950 for six nights. Maximum guests 16 per retreat. 

Please enquire for full details.