A typical day on retreat.

Start the day awaking naturally to the sounds of nature, or if you’d like a wake-up call, we’ll give you a knock on the door - no alarms on phones here please! Wander down to the kitchen where you'll find the chef and assistant preparing your healthy breakfast. They'll offer you a cup of the day’s fresh detox tea - one of our favourites is Lemon, Fresh Mint & Rosemary.

Each day we offer a nutritionally balanced detoxifying menu made from fresh locally sourced ingredients. It consists of no sugar, no wheat, no dairy and no processed foods. But that doesn't mean no taste. Our professional chef makes sure of that. He makes it so easy to be healthy.


After breakfast join the Mindfulness Therapist and the other guests for a relaxed meditation session. After some practical information and answering any of your questions, you will then be taken through a guided meditation. 

You'll then have some free time, where you may choose to chat to the other guests, or take a dip in the outdoor or indoor pool or perhaps take a walk into the countryside.

We join together for lunch at 1pm. The experts dine amongst the guests, allowing for interesting conversations. Often this is where we learn the most about a wide variety of wellbeing topics.


At each meal the Nutritional Therapist is there to tell you about the ingredients that are being served and how they are are good for you. She answers any questions you may have about your diet and how you may be feeling. You also have a private consultation with the nutritionist included in your stay - this is a real eye-opener for most guests, raising awareness about what you are putting in your body and how it is effecting you personally.


During the afternoon you could have your therapeutic massage scheduled in, or perhaps take a personal training session, or drop in to a guided meditation.  Some rather while away the afternoon relaxing by the pool reading the book they brought with them, or one of the books we have in our expert's library. 

Each day is scheduled so that you have plenty of time to relax. The three lounges have comfy sofas and open fires for you to put your feet up by. We do have fitness classes - shake up (HIIT based), yoga and gentle hiking - but this isn’t a boot camp! We want to send you home feeling brand new and rejuvenated.

After dinner we serve herbal teas and recline under the stars or by one of the the open fires. Here you may join the Mindfulness Therapist as a sleep meditation is taught, or perhaps one of the experts will share one of their favourite TED lectures with you.

Or you may choose to head off to bed early to make the most of really being away from it all.

mindfulness retreat