Q. Where do I need to get to?

You'll be met at Barcelona airport between 12 - 4pm on the first day of the retreat and transported to the Masia. This means you can get any flight that arrives between those times. The transfer takes about 60 minutes. You can be dropped back to either the airport or Barcelona centre between 11am - 3pm on the final day.

Q. Can I come by myself?

Of course! 70% of our guests come alone. If you'd prefer to share, we can sometimes find a room mate for you, please just ask.

Q. What fitness classes are there?

We have a range: yoga classes - suitable for all levels, it is Ishta yoga which blends the ancient and contemporary sciences of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda. We also have all-round fun circuit classes such as 'Saturday Morning Shake-Up' which is HIIT based and sure to get the blood pumping.

Q. I've not done mindfulness before, does that matter?

Not at all. Whether you have already done courses or not makes no difference. We are here to practice and guide you through some simple mindfulness techniques that you will get to practice in the grounds and peaceful Reset Button Retreat. It's beneficial for those of all experience or no experience.

Q. What exactly is included in the program?

This is the breakdown of what you will receive:

-Mindfulness Course: One hour teaching per day plus one hour guided meditation

-Nutritional Consultation and Report by Nutritional Therapist

-Full Board: a detoxifying menu, drinks plus snacks prepared by in-house gourmet chef and nutritional therapist

-24-hour access to facilities including indoor and outdoor pool

-Fitness classes: 2 yoga, 2 all-level circuit classes

-One hour therapeutic massage

-Four nights in one of the rooms in the masia: all en-suite with organic toiletries, Eygptian cotton towels and hairdryers

-Airport transfers at advertised times

Not included: Flights and holiday insurance

Optional extras: personal training, additional massage and spa treatments

Q. I'm vegetarian, can I still eat the food?

We can cater for everyone. The menu cuts out dairy, wheat, sugar, processed foods, caffeine and alcohol for all guests. What you can expect is a delicious feast of super healthy food every mealtime.

Every guest receives a Reset Button Nutritional Consultation with our Nutritional Therapist and Eating Psychology coach who will help unlock any questions you may have about your own diet, whether you're vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or a meat-eater.


Q. Do I really need to Reset?

Yes. If you aren't already the healthiest, energetic, level-headed confident version of yourself you possibly could be, then a few days spent with us will drastically transform your life. 

Our experts will give you the techniques and direction to work out and influence what needs to change in your daily routine to achieve the goals you want to hit.

It will help you unlock the life you deserve.






Aimee Long:  ...I have tried to practice mindfulness here in London, however, it is a completely different experience when you are surrounded by nature, in the heart of a woods, than on the tube on your commute to work. Each session leaves you feeling more relaxed and in tuned to yourself than the last. What was good about practicing this was learning how to switch off to other distractions and wandering thoughts. When we are back here in the UK, stresses seem to take over life, we flit from one thought to the next on tasks we must finish in a certain time frame, the shopping we have to pick up, family illnesses and so on, that we never actually really have time for ourselves. This retreat is the perfect place to go if you feel like this. You will be lucky/unlucky if you get mobile service, the wifi chooses when it wants to work and you are therefore forced to digitally detox at the same time too. I make it sound like a punishment but for some people, especially me, it’s hard to switch off.  The food was exquisite at every meal, everything was controlled, in terms of protein, carbohydrates and size. We cut out alcohol, sugar, wheat, gluten and dairy, which I thought would be hard, however I was left feeling lighter, more full after meals and nourished...


Beatrix Zwart: ...Set in an idyllic spot, surrounded by pine forests I instantly felt relaxed. The beautiful Spanish masia was wonderfully spacious with comfy sofas and a fireplace, making it very homely and cosy, and I felt very soothed after the evening candle lit mindfulness session by the open hearth. Rachel and the team were very attentive and lovely, as too were the other guests - I went on my own so was a little apprehensive  but turned out I had nothing to worry about. Having healthy and tasty meals prepared for me daily was a definite bonus, as I never have time to properly cook in London. Learning to eat this way has helped with my IBS and thanks to Claudia's nutrition plan I have something concrete to follow as well some of the recipes to keep me on track. The days were well balanced, a good mix of pretty hardcore training sessions from jovial coach Paul which provided lots of laughs and got my blood pumping whilst the Hatha style yoga which was taken both outside next to the pool and indoors, complemented the work outs with lots of stretches and strengthening postures. My aches and pains were wonderfully soothed after, thanks to massage therapist, Nunu's magical hands, a definite highlight! There were daily drop in mindfulness sessions which helped me to kick start my own, very much needed practice again. As well as an informative introductory talk, there was also a mindful walk which I really enjoyed. Listening to the birds and cowbells really helped me to decompress and tune into the moment - something I struggle with on a daily basis. And being in the outdoors, taking in the fresh air and seeing stars in the sky felt like a luxury after coming from the city. If there's anything negative that I'd say about the retreat is that it's a pity it wasn't longer! I could definitely have done a week.