Pinpoint your body’s imbalances and intolerances, and learn how to tackle them.


STEP 1) Fill out our nutrition questionnaire

STEP 2) Send us your hair for lab analysis.

STEP 3) One of our Reset Button nutritionists consolidates the details to create your personalised Reset Report. The report is emailed to you within 21 days.

The Reset Report gives you in-depth insights into your:

✓ Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies

✓ Food Intolerances

✓ Fatty Acid Balance

✓ Immune System Balance

✓ Digestion

✓ Gut Flora Balance

✓ Hydration levels

✓ PH balance

✓ Organ balance

The report includes a personalised Reset Program created by your Nutritionist - how to address your personal imbalances and intolerances.

Hit reset on your health today.

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