“I have a very stressful job. My life is non-stop. I wanted to reset to address my work/life balance. I have now reset twice and will be going back each year just to keep me on track! Every time I visit it helps me re-instate good eating habits, gets my yoga and fitness back on track and re-inspires me to do my mindfulness meditation.”

— Claire Shannon

“I’ve had issues with eczema since childhood, but this wasn’t the reason I went to Reset Button. I went for a general health reset. It was a surprise bonus that as soon as I began on the menu provided, my eczema started to clear up. By day four it was significantly better, there was no doubt that what I was eating was responsible (or not eating to be more precise). I learned that dairy was causing flare ups. I now avoid dairy and my eczema stays away.”

— Lulu Starey

“I reset in September 2017 because I wasn’t happy with my weight. I’d tried everything but could never consistently keep the kilos off. I worked closely with the Nutritional Therapist to come up with a realistic weight loss plan that could work for me. I have a very busy lifestyle so it was about making sure I had enough easy go-to healthy foods readily available at all times. We even set up a shopping list on Ocado. What I learnt at the retreat was that all my restrictive diets were not realistic, that I just need to find a range of meals that I genuinely like and stick to them. I lost 5 kilos in the week at the retreat and have since dropped a further 10 kilos. I’ve never been happier or felt so confident in my body and self.”

— Jessica Bridges

“We’d be having difficulty conceiving and decided to reset in September 2016. We managed to keep on track with the healthy ways we started at the retreat and fell pregnant almost immediately after. Ella arrived in August and we couldn’t be happier.”

— Jenny & Darren

“I reset in July 2016. I’d been in a serious car accident leaving my nerves in my arm damaged and my hand with restricted movement. I’d been pushed from doctor to doctor, eventually put onto a list of prescription drugs which left me hardly able to speak yet still not reducing the pain I was constantly in. I used the retreat as a chance to see if I could manage without the drugs which were making me depressed and crazy. I’ve never taken them since. Nearly two years later now my mind is clear, I’m happy and I’ve lost all the weight I gained (two stone) and in control of my pain without painkillers.”

— Zoe Hunter