Using Spring to make you more mindful

Spring has Sprung and it's a delight.

It's the season of freshness and newness, of beginnings and returns.

Arguably the most optimistic of seasons, it's certainly the one that offers most clear changes.

We can use the naturally occurring changes around us to remind us to be mindful. The season itself can help us add some extra spring into our every day.

1) Watch things grow.

With buds and blossoms all around us, pick a plant or a tree you pass daily and make a point of really looking at it every day. How has it changed? Look at the colours and the textures. Take a moment to inhale the air around it, is there a scent? Watch as it changes every day.

You could choose to get some seeds and grow something yourself, or even buy a special plant and take care of it yourself. Whether you choose to nurture your own plant, or watch what's there, just remember to notice the tiny daily changes. 

2) Sense the season.

Every time you leave home take a moment to consider Spring with all your senses. Feel the temperature on your skin. The wind. The humidity of the air or the freshness.

Listen carefully, what's different each day? What noises can you hear in the distance, are there birds you haven't noticed before?

Smell the air. Taste it. 

3) Relax your shoulders.

Over the winter many of us hunch up our shoulders to carry the weight of the heavy coats and bags we've been hauling around with us. Now's the time to let those shoulders relax. Let them fall down away from your ears and down your sides. Take a break from the lifting.

Think about where your clothes are touching your body. Hopefully they are a bit lighter than they normally are. Feel the sensation. See if you can relax your muscles and make yourself a little bit more comfortable. This is the season to lighten up the load. Let your body make the most of it.