The number one way to improve your health easily


It's to drink more water. Stay hydrated. So all your cells are hydrated. Your body can function better.

Many of us are regularly dehydrated (recent figures say 70% in the US)

We can stay hydrated by drinking more water, but also by eating foods with high water content, drinking teas... and....having more green smoothies, which conveniently is the SECOND best way to improve your health easily, without making any major changes to your diet!

This shows you the approx quantities fruit vs vegetables content you should aim for.

Green Smoothie Reset Button.jpg

Greens should be leafy greens, not starchy ones. This makes it easily digestible. The point of a green smoothie is to give you a huge boost of nutritious goodness. 

Green Smoothies are

- Nutrient dense

    helps us to detoxify our bodies

    helps all cells to function properly

    range of veg helps combat vitamin and mineral deficiencies

- Fibre packed (vs juice)

    keeps you feeling full for longer

    helps flow through system

- Easy to digest

    already broken down and can be absorbed into the system quicker

- Easy to make


Here are a few recipes for you to try. 


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