Beautiful place, with fantastic experts

Louise Starey

I stayed with Rachel and her team at The Reset Button for the 'spring clean' in April. The hills and location were amazing and would have made for a great break, but it was the experts who really made it. Before I went I was mainly interested in the mindfulness course as I'd never really had the time to dedicate to it before. I thought I already ate a very healthy diet. However 5 days with the experts showed me a few changes could make a big difference to not just my mind, but my overall wellbeing. I always thought it would be too difficult to give up dairy or wheat but the delicious food on the retreat showed me that you don't have to miss out. I've now cut them both out of my general diet, initially as an experiment for 10 days, but I won't go back. I have more energy, less bloating, and my excema has totally cleared up despite being a health professional washing my hands repeatedly though out the day. Occasionally I break the diet at home out of convenience but that's fine. I really notice the difference in my digestive system and energy levels when I do, which encourages me to plan my meals and not lapse too often. I have also gone from being a complete caffeine addict to having an occasional tea or coffee during a long shift. I used to literally live on caffeine and can't believe I don't need it to get out of bed anymore.
I'm writing this now because I have been receiving updates for the summer retreat and wish I could attend. Work is stopping me this time but I will definitely be back for some more expert guidance and a personal healthy body and mind plan.