Full of energy

Sarah Stephane

I've been a huge coffee drinker for years. I was averaging about 6 cups a day. I couldn't manage anything until I'd had my caffiene hit and really relied on it for getting me through the day.

Being at the retreat gave me the chance to kick the habit in the best possible way - you don't feel caffeine deprived when you are sitting by a gorgeous pool soaking up the sun while everything is being done for you. The food was delicious - it certainly has inspired me to eat more healthily. Obviously it's a lot easier when you have a chef there doing it for you every meal!

I was a bit nervous about going alone, but quickly it felt like being away with friends and I loved our chats round the fire at night.

All in all a great few days, I came home full of energy, and I still feel more energised than I did before I went - and that's without my 6 coffees a day! Would love to do it again.