Are you a fast eater, a moderate eater or a slow eater?

When you speed eat, you are eating faster than your brain can keep up with. The food is gone before you have even registered that you've had a meal.

Eating too quickly actually puts stress on your body, causing decreased digestion, loss of nutrient absorption and lowered calorie burn rate. Worst of all, you can think you are still hungry at the end of it!


  • Slow Down. Sit Down. Allow yourself some time.
  • And then chew.
  • Chew some more. 
  • Try to taste all the flavours and get rid of any lumps before you swallow.

By slowing down and masticating properly you will enjoy the flavours more, get more nourishment, avoid indigestion, prevent over-eating and best of all boost your metabolism.

Quite often the lumps in the food you swallow are what end up making you feel gassy and uncomfortable, and can be the cause of unpleasant flatulence.

Your brain will have the time to realise you are eating and once you are finished you should feel fuller.

So take your time, eat mindfully and enjoy your meals.