Packing healthy for Glastonbury

You know you're getting old and sensible when you are pre-packing healthy foods for Glastonbury.

Here are our tips on easy things to take which should help balance out some of the chaos in the fields.

  1. A Lemon, pre-sliced if you don't want to take a knife. If you can still have your detox tea in the morning this will make all the difference. It's highly alkaline and will help to prep your body for the day, as well as flush out toxins from the night before. Pear cider is highly acidic... just saying.... Ask anywhere that's serving tea for a cup of hot water and pop your slice in there. Enjoy, then get on with having fun.

  2. Chia Seeds – take a small bag of them with you and sprinkle them on any meal you have. They don't taste of anything but they will give a boost of Omega-3s and some fats and proteins to keep you going.

  3. Goji Berries – these are the number one fruit used in chinese medicine. They are easy to take with you as they are dried and small. They're full of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C. In China they believe this tiny berry can kill off bacteria and viruses as well as boost your immune system. You'll be needing that when you're traipsing round a muddy field with nearly a quarter of a million other people.

  4. Protein balls or Naked bars. Keep one in your bag as an emergency snack. For those times when you find yourself nowhere near a place that serves edible food. The Healing fields has loads of healthy delicious choices, but when you are right next to the Pyramid stage, you are surrounded by greasy bacon or soggy burgers and it's really quite a trek to get there. Do not be tempted – you will regret it. Grab that ball and it'll see you through till you find somewhere healthy to eat. Why not treat yourself and try our Truffle recipe?