Best Ever Five Minute Hummus

Got nothing healthy in the house but desperate to snack on something? Knock this quick little recipe together. It's easy, and utterly delicious. 

Best Ever Five Minute Hummus


One tin chickpeas, drained and rinsed.

Two cloves garlic (more or less according to taste), chopped finely.

4 tablespoons water

1 tsp ground cumin

Juice of one lemon (adjust according to taste)

Salt (preferably Himalayan)

Olive Oil

Paprika for dusting.


Place all ingredients except olive oil and paprika into a blender and pulse blend a few times. This should not take long as you do not want it to be too smooth. Taste and add extra lemon/salt/garlic if needed. NB. It's important to finely chop the garlic you add because the blender will not blend it evenly throughout otherwise.

Place hummus into a bowl and cover with a swig of olive oil and a sprinkle of paprika.

Enjoy with your favourite accompaniment. Great with raw vegetables.