A recipe for the sweet-toothed

Sweets that are good for your sweetheart

For special occasions like Valentine's day or birthdays it may be tempting to splash out on some chocolates or sweet somethings for your lover. If you really feel the urge, why not give these a try. These truffles are full of goodness, really easy to make, and look and taste delicious!

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100g Figs (chopped)

100g Dates (pitted and chopped)*

100g Hazelnuts

100g Walnuts

50g shredded dried coconut

50g raw cacao powder


*If the dates feel dry, try soaking them for 10-15 minutes to add a bit more moisture.


First put the nuts into a blender and blend until desired consistency. I like it just before it turns to flour – so there are still some small chunks.

Add the chopped dates, figs, coconut and cacao.

Blend. It should form a sticky delicious dough.


Roll the mixture into small balls.

You can roll the balls in various toppings to add a little something extra… cocao powder, dessicated coconut, sesame seeds or crushed nuts.

Put the balls into the freezer for at least an hour.

They can be kept in the fridge in a sealed container for up to a week – or in the freezer for even longer. To be honest you don’t need to worry too much about storage – they will no doubt be eaten first!

You could even get a heart shaped box to pop them in and know that you’re giving your sweetheart pure nutritional goodness.


Optional ingredients to try:

Any nut of preference… all are delicious.

Coconut Oil, can change the texture if it’s a bit dry

Vanilla essence


Other dried fruit – make sure it’s small or chopped small before adding